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    The process

    Acqua del Lario was born from the harmonious encounter between the love for perfumery and the passion for the landscape and traditions of Lake Como.

    The brand dedicates itself with creativity and professionalism to the creation of fragrances for the environment and for the person, diffusers and scented candles, using quality raw materials and artisanal processes, in order to create products that stand out for their uniqueness and exclusivity.

    The territory

    The fragrances and products of Acqua del Lario originate entirely in the territory of Como Lake (the Lario), they are a silent ode to the wonderful landscape which, for centuries, has enchanted writers and travelers and which, today as then, never ceases to seduce.

    The products

    The product, in all its parts and components, is the work of the skill and wisdom of local artisans and is the result of a long and laborious selection and production process.

    Starting from the highest quality raw materials up to packaging, which is also made entirely by hand, you get a unique and unrepeatable result of its kind, which can boast the prestigious “Made in Italy” award.