The east is an original and creative way. Grapefruit, basil and cedar leaves give the Bellanasco a delicate freshness.

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Coming from the area above Bellano, a town located along the east coast of the lake, dominated by a picturesque natural gorge with mysterious caves, narrow ravines, gentle vegetation and rumbling waters, the Bellanasco is an enigmatic wind that blows at first intense and powerful, and then runs out with the arrival of precipitation.

Bellanasco – The fragrance

Scent of exotic and mysterious charm, a dip into the ancient and arcane gorge that starts from the vibrant and volatile notes of pink pepper, oriental notes, grapefruit and nutmeg, and then enter into the warm heart, composed of sandalwood, cedar leaves, basil and the creamy and sweet notes of ylang-ylang.

Olfactory pyramid:

HEAD: oriental notes, pink pepper, grapefruit, nutmeg
HEART: ylang ylang, sandal, basil, cedar leaves.
BOTTOM: vetiver, labdanum, tonka bean.

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