Avvolgente abbraccio tra le secche note di cuoio e pelle, le speziate note del cardamomo e l’arancia amara. Fragranza calda e intensa perfetta per tutti coloro che sono alla ricerca di un profumo secco.

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Breva – the wind

The Breva (Bréva in Como dialect) is the wind that takes over the Tivano towards the south. It is a periodic wind that blows, sometimes more gently, from the south to the north.  The way of manifesting is in itself characteristic: it gives advance notice with an intense first breath, then it fades, and finally it breathes safely and powerfully.

Breva – The fragrance

A wise perfume that, like the wind, gives advance notice with penetrating notes of leather, hide and bitter orange, ripening, then, in the precious cashmere, in the sensual white flowers, in the tonic bean and in the ancient and noble scent of cedar wood. Patchouly and amber complete it.

Pyramid olfactory:

HEAD: pelle, cardamomo, arancia amara, cuoio.
HEART: cedar wood, cashmere, white flowers, tonka bean.
BOTTOM: patchouly, amber, animal musk.

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