The tender sweet almond and the refined saffron blend with the soft white flowers and the velvety rose, creating the elegant incipit of this sophisticated autumn fragrance. The precious and palpitating spicy heart then gives way to the musky base notes. A unique and classy fragrance for those who do not want to settle.

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Cernobbio – The village

Elegant village, in fact, the most elegant. Nestled between the pre-Alps emeralds and the lapis lazuli lake, Cernobbio enchants for the picturesque landscape with intense colors, which in autumn is tinged with amber tones. It is an enchanted place dotted with the most sumptuous and exclusive villas of the lake, small and cozy workshops of local artisans, run by narrow streets and the large lakefront.

Cernobbio – The fragrance

Warm and enveloping, this spicy fragrance that looks to the East, is a precious olfactory melody, which leads to the villages, leaving to your intuition the search for the road closer to the heart.

Olfactory pyramid

HEAD: saffron, almond, rose, white flowers.
HEART: jasmine, iris, coumarin, spicy notes.
BOTTOM: moss, white moss.