Fresco e floreale, un profumo elegante e delicato da utilizzare tutti i giorni.

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Garzeno – The wind

A lively wind that with the storms falls on the waters of the lake from the Dongo Valley. It blows from the north-west and before touching lightly the shore it walks through woods, mountains and valleys and then dive into the clear waters of Dongo. It ripples the lake, makes the boats dance gracefully and brings with it the rain and coolness.

Garzeno – La fragranza

Graceful and fresh, a scent animated by the refined water lily, the sparkling fig and the delicate green notes combined with bitter orange. The fresh and flowery heart is combined with the base notes of soft and sweet white musk that meet amber notes and the woody cedar ones.

Olfactory pyramid:

HEAD: water lily, green notes, fig, bitter orange.
HEART: osmanthus, rose, jasmine, aquatic notes.
Bottom: cedar wood, amber notes, white musk.

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