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Woody and amber, this fragrance will bring the aroma of Oud into your home: the “Wood of the Gods”.

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Menaggio – the village

Menaggio is an ancient village situated on the western side of the lovely Lake of Como. Thanks to its strategic position on the mouth of the Val Menaggina, which connects the Lario to the Lugano Lake, it was once a lively trading centre. Over the centuries, the beautiful landscape and architecture transformed this small village into an important tourist centre. The Porto, the ancient Via Regina and the Grand Hotel. These are just some of the wonders of this location. 

Menaggio – the fragrance

Menaggio is a splendid combination of eastern notes, wooden and amber coloured, an overture that opens with the aroma of Oud “Wood of the Gods,” pepper, rose wood and eastern notes. An amber and wood base is added to the heart of cinnamon, vanilla and cashmere, resulting in a mystic and hypnotic fragrance.

Main note: Woody amber

TOP: pepper, bois de rose, oriental notes, oud.
HEART: cardamom, vanilla, cashmere, gurjum balsam.
BASE: amber, woody notes, sandalwood, leather, tonka bean.

Olfactory Pyramid Menaggio


It is suggested to place the diffuser at eye level; the imperceptible movements of air, due to the passage of people, facilitate the circulation and diffusion of the fragrance in the environment. The positioning of the diffusers within a room is influenced by the size of the area you want to perfume: -for small medium areas, we recommend a single product placed in the center of the room; - for larger areas, the use of two or more diffusers spaced at regular intervals is recommended.


The duration of the fragrance depends on several factors: the size and temperature of the environment in which the product is placed, the proximity of heat sources or drafts and the presence of direct sunlight. To maximize the life of the product, it is recommended to avoid placing the diffuser in areas adjacent to windows and heat sources. By removing the chopsticks and closing the product with the appropriate cap supplied, it will be possible, during prolonged absences, to keep the essence contained in the bottle unaltered.

Gift Box

A unique and design package that embellishes the Acqua del Lario home fragrance and makes it iconic.

Shapes and materials come together to give life to a splendid design box, with exceptional elegance and large dimensions.

The exteriors, in solid pressed cardboard, are embellished with a silkscreen in silver.

The packaging is made entirely by hand, carefully positioning each element.


The box, with a minimalist and refined style, combines the sober elegance of black with clean graphics.

The case, in an elegant total black, contains the cotton fiber sticks inside.