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Intense and enveloping aroma. Woody fragrance in which the robust notes of patchouli, invigorated by nutmeg and pepper, harmonize with sandalwood. A touch of vanilla completes it.

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Molinaccio – the wind

From the valleys behind the enchanting Faggeto Lario, a village whose name comes from the presence of thick woods inhabited by ancient beech trees, comes the Molinaccio, a south-east wind that makes the burning autumn leaves dance, painting the landscape of a warm red.

Molinaccio – the fragrance

An eau de parfum that enchants for its intense and full-bodied fragrance, in which the warm and enveloping woody notes alternate with the vibrant notes of black pepper, nutmeg and sweet vanilla. The base notes, resin, mosses and amber bring back to the oldest and arcane woods.

TOP: juniper, petitgrein, nutmeg, pepper.
HEART: vanilla, patchouly, sandal, labdanum.
BASE: resin, mosses, amber.

Olfactory Pyramid molinaccio