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Swan Yellow


Square 70x70cm in pure silk twill Made in Italy.

The Acqua del Lario scarf that draws its inspiration from the rich flora and fauna that populate the shores of Lake Como.

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Como owes its wealth and culture to silk for centuries, still today the most delicate phases of the processing of this fiber, unique in terms of resistance and quality, take place in the Larian area.

Today Como silk is synonymous with exclusivity and style and is the object of desire of the most famous luxury brands.

Silk is a protein fiber produced from the drool of an insect, the Bombyx Mori, and from it precious fabrics are obtained.

It was during the eighteenth century the production of silk in Como became industrial, in 1840 the mulberry trees, the plants on which the silkworms feed, covered 93% of the area cultivated in the Como area. In the past it was peasant families who took care of silkworm farming and spinning mills and weaving mills were located everywhere.

Scarf size: 70x70cm

Material: silk 100%

Illustration: Sandra Ruberto

Made in Italy

Silk is an extremely resistant fiber which must be handled and stored with care. To maintain the beauty of the scarf, at the end of use, store the accessory flat, not knotted. For washing it is recommended to contact a specialized professional.