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Sublime accord between the sweet and fruity notes of pomegranate and black currant and the fresh citrus notes of bergamot.

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Liscione – the wind

It blows vigorously from the south-west and originates from Valbrona, a lush resort rich in slopes, woods and waters, a place full of mystery where the remains of ancient Celtic populations which once inhabited the valley are still visible. The Liscione falls bringing bad weather, opening in a fan on the waters of the Lecco branch.

Liscione – the fragrance

Luxurious, the fragrance comes from an exceptional bland of fruity and flowery notes. The vivacity of the currants and pomegranate blends with the scent of chamomile, the exclusive iris, the velvety orange flowers and precious woods. A touch of bergamot completes it making it fresh and cheeky.

Main Note: Fruity

TOP: bergamot, black currant, chamomile, pomegranate.
HEART: orange flowers, iris, precious wood.
BASE: mosses, amber, tonka bean.

Olfactory Pyramid liscione