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Refined and delicate, Tivano is an eau de parfum that comes from the perfect balance of fruity and spicy accents.

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Tivano – the wind

Together with the Breva, the Tivano is the main wind of Lake Como, it is a regular wind, which blows every morning at dawn, then fade until it disappears between ten and eleven. Benevolent it blows from the North, or rather, from the North-East, its absence can be omen of bad weather.

Tivano – the fragrance

Fresh fragrance with spicy notes and exotic flavor. After a fruity opening, with touches of apple and fresh Mandarin, a heart of flowers and spices follows, where the refined nutmeg, the aromatic lavender and the velvety orange flowers emerge. An eau de parfum full of charm, never banal, suitable for every season, wearing it becomes a morning and expected daily appointment.

TOP: mandarin, apple, cardamom, fruity notes.
HEART: orange flowers, lavender, nutmeg, coumarin.
BASE: tonka bean, amber, leather.

Olfactory Pyramid tivano